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Love Quotes Ascii Art

ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ You know why "SHREK" is the best Fairytale?
║▐▀████▀███▀███▀█▀▀▀▌║ Because in some Fairy tales,
▓▐─██▀─▄─▀█─▀█▀─█─▀█▌▓ the princes and the princesses are perfect
▒▐─█▀▄─▀─▄█▄─▀─▄█─██▌▒ but in Shrek it teaches us that imperfect
║▐▄▄▄██▄█████▄███▄▄▄▌║ people can still have their own happy
ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ๑ॐ ending. ♥

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