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Girls are like apples on tree - Ascii Art

:::::::::::are like apples::::::::::::::::
::::::on trees. The best ones::::::::::
:::::are at the top of the tree.::::::::
:::The boys dont want to reach:::::::
::for the good ones because they::::
:r afraid of falling and getting hurt.:::
:Instead, they get the rotten apples:
from the ground that arent as good,:
but easy. So the apples up top think:
something wrong w/ them when in:::
:reality they're amazing. They just:::
:::have to wait for the right boy to::
:::: come along, the one who's:::::::
::::::::::: brave enough to::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::climb all::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::the way:::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::to the top::::::::::::::::::

-----> <-----

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